Skuid Installation

Before you can begin developing pages in Skuid, you need to get it downloaded from AppExchange and install in your organization – for this post I am using the Developer Edition. If you want to use it for your production organization, I would suggest to start first with sandboxes. Below are the steps to be followed to get SKUID and it’s verification.

Steps : 

a) Go to AppExchange and search for SKUID. You can also use this direct link SKUID.

b) Click on the SKUID app and it will take you to the ‘Get It Now‘ page. You can read about the SKUID UI product – such as overview, details, reviews, etc. When you click on the ‘Get It Now’ button, it will ask for your credentials and it will show options whether you want to install it in production, developer or sandbox edition.

c) In my case, I selected the developer org and installed as ‘Admin’. Once the installation was complete, I went into my org and verified the package was installed successfully or not. To check, go to Setup | Installed Packages and you should see SKUID as one of the entry.

d) You should also see an entry for SKUID app in the App Launcher. We will go into details of it and building pages in later posts.

The SKUID UI provided in developer org is a trial version valid only for 30 days. If you want to keep it for longer, then you will have to register on their website to get an unlimited developer trial version. The link for registration is – Unlimited Trial Registration where you have to provide your Name, Email and developer org Id. After sending the initial request, you might have to follow-up if you do not see a response before the trial expires.