Superbadge – Lightning Experience Specialist

I have completed the Lightning Experience Specialist Superbadge recently and have got 5700 points. Since I see some folks are having issues passing the challenge – thought of putting the configuration and code developed for the same. The details, requirement & Use Case is provided at the Trailhead website Superbadge Lightning Experience Specialist. I assume that since you are here, you are already familiar with the platform and Salesforce configuration basics, so I am not going into the details and just providing the respective snapshots.

Individual Opportunity

Opportunity Path

Approval for Package Deal

Fulfillment Creation

Sales Automation

Fulfillment Cancellation Automation

Expedition Leader Support

Data Import

For importing the data as mentioned in the ‘Import Data’ section of the challenge, I found the post by Ludvig on the developer forum to be very useful. Make sure to use the ‘’ tool. Link –

UI Changes for Sales Reps

General UI Changes


Feel Free to provide your valuable comments or point out any issues or scope of improvement in this post.