Salesforce Integration

DML before Apex Callouts using Salesforce AJAX

You all might have encountered a situation where you want to update/create/delete a record (i.e, perform a DML operation) and based on it’s output would like to then make a Web Service call (may be passing some values from the previous DML operation). While doing so you would have seen an error being thrown as… Continue reading DML before Apex Callouts using Salesforce AJAX


Superbadge – Data Integration Specialist

I have completed the Data Integration Specialist Superbadge recently and have got 6500 points. Since I see some folks are having issues passing the challenge – thought of putting the configuration and code developed for the same. The details, requirement & Use Case is provided at the Trailhead website Superbadge Data Integration Specialist. I assume that… Continue reading Superbadge – Data Integration Specialist

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Apex Callouts using REST

Salesforce provides an easy way of making an external Web services call from your Apex and the mechanism is called Apex Callouts. Apex provides integration with Web services that either utilize SOAP and WSDL or HTTP (RESTful) services. In this article I will be using the REST option to invoke a web service. As a refresher, REST (Representational state transfer)… Continue reading Salesforce Apex Callouts using REST